Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday's With Little Bear

My sister has been wanting to go out and photograph coy fish and red winged black birds for her art. I agreed to tag along and take pics with her.
The coy were easy, our neighbor has a large coy pond. Little Bear was able to test out the waterproof Nikon that she got for Christmas in it.
Next we went to the Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge to try and spot a red winged black bird.
No black birds to be found; we left for Coyote Hills.
While we were driving in my sister said to me, "Hey aren't those our parents?" We did what any loving daughters would do, we honked at them and shouted for the stupid bikers to get out of our way. The Rickster was not impressed.
A few hawks but no red winged blackbirds.
It was Little Bear's turn to be not impressed. 
Desperate times called for desperate measures. She downloaded their chirping and started blasting it through the woods.
No luck. We headed for our last stop, a little man made lake with birds a plenty.
We grabbed a seat on a bench, waited and watched. This duck followed us to the bench, waiting and watching us. I can't say why but it made me feel a little uneasy. It was just standing there behind us for the entire time that we sat. My sister was convinced that the duck was out to get us.
He totally looks suspicious right?

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  1. Such great photos! You are definitely being duck-stalked!