Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Caramel deLites vs Samoas {an experiment}

Samoas vs Caramel deLites
About 5 years ago I was at a friends house, it was during one of my favorite seasons, {girl scout cookie sales season}.  We decided to open up a box of what he called Caramel deLites and what I called Samoas.  I ate a fewof his Caramel deLites, they tasted better than my Samoas?  How could this be?  They are the same cookie... or so I thought!  When I went home, I went straight to my box of Samoas and took a bite of one.  I didn't even finish the cookie. 

Tasting Caramel deLites ruined Samoas for me forever.  I asked a troop leader that I knew what the deal was.  She said that the cookies are made by 2 different bakeries and they are distributed according to region.  For the last 5 years, I have asked every girl scout selling cookies if they have Caramel deLites.  Every time I ask, I get the same answer, "THEY'RE THE SAME COOKIE!"  But they aren't!  I decided to do an experiment to see if they are the same and which cookie was preferred.

I knew if people did a side by side taste test they would agree that they are not the same cookie.  I decided to ask 10 people in a blind taste test if they were the same cookie and if they had a preference. 

In order to conduct my experiment, I first had to get my hands on some Caramel deLites. I contacted the Girl Scout national headquarters and told them my predicament. They gave me the number for the region nearest to me that sells the cookies I was after.  I called and ordered 5 boxes {one for research, the other 4 for me mu ha ha ha}.

 Not only would 10 out of 10 people agree that they were in fact not the same cookie but 9/10 people would prefer the Caramel deLites.


Nutrition Facts comparison:
Calorie and fat content are the same
Caramel deLites have more sugar and sodium
First three ingredients:
Samoas:  Sugar, vegetable oil, enriched flour
Caramel deLites:  Sugar, enriched flour, corn syrup
Caramel deLites vs Samoa side by side comparison
  Side by side comparison.  Cookie A was the caramel delite.  Cookie B the samoa.  Another difference that I noticed is that the caramel delite is milk chocolate and the samoa is dark chocolate.

Seven out of ten people said that they were not the same cookie.  Seven out of ten preferred the Caramel deLites.  Of the 3 that said they were the same cookie, 2 preferred the Samoa.

At the end of the day I am glad that I was able to support a worthy cause {The Girl Scouts of America}.  I also learned how easy it is to have cookies shipped and you better believe that I have the regional office that shipped me the cookies on speed dial for next season.


  1. I just noticed the difference myself. SAMOAS have 150 calories per two cookies. Caramel Delites have 130 calories per two. SAMOAS have 7.5 ounces per box. Caramel Delites have 7.0 ounces per box.

    SAMOAS have 60mg sodium. CD have 55mg sodium.
    SAMOAS have 8g fat per serving. CD have 6g fat per serving.
    March 2013

  2. Taste test the Keebler Coconut Dreams against the Caramel Delites. They are almost identical. I couldn't tell the difference.

  3. The iron intake is different too however so is the serving size by about one cookie. I have never had any of the Caramel Delites before. Now I want to try.

  4. Don't go searching out the Caramel DeLites as they are horrible. I've always had Samoas while living in Virginia, KC, and Portland. This our first Girl Scout season in Houston, TX and they have Caramel DeLites. My whole family is very disappointed. We've been looking a labels a lot more over the past few years, but have avoided worrying about them on some seasonal treats... just because you sometimes you don't want to know on things that are reare treats. Well, this has forced us to look at the labels and as was expected GS cookies are full of junk. This makes skipping the GS Cookie table much easier.

  5. HEY GUYYYSSSSS!!!!!!! Thought Id put my inputtyy tootyyy im a cookie fanatic! Sr8 up from the Chi city and grew up strong from them boss ass carmel Delights then all sudden these GS coming at me hard with them Somoas i dont even know how to spell that. I gotta admit im a adark chocolate lova, but that at got shit on my carmel delllis, if u feel me put it out on the blog, this how we stay strong! GS for life but Carmels gonna be with me in heaven too... feel that.

    Yours truly n fo life Shaniquia dont live here no mo.