Thursday, November 13, 2014

I've moved

Just in case anyone is still reading, I've started a new blog. Please go here for the newness.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

SF Tourist Sunday

Chris and I exchange Easter baskets every few years, when one of us remembers to make the proposition. We decide on a budget and usually buy each other a gift at that price point with a few pieces of each others favorite chocolate sprinkled in.

Chris brought up baskets this year and set a $50 limit. The next day I got a groupon for a 1 year membership for 2 to the aquarium in SF, Chris LOVES aquariums, done and done.
I used to work in the tallest building furthest to the left.
The jellyfish in all of their color change glory.
The underground tunnel was rad but made me motion sick.
Chris in the exhibit.
Us, Alcatraz as the background.

Me going up and down the piano steps.
We hit up the coin operated arcade.
Tried a lot of the love testers, I was burning hot, Chris not so much
Chris did however beat the electricity game.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Highlights

Afternoon Starbucks run with my love.
Heirloom tomatoes for the garden.
My new favorite shade of nail polish, note to self get the name next mani pedi.
Loving these salads from Costco, the perfect Tues. - Fri. lunch.
Picked this up on my daily Whole Foods run.
The A's are killing it!
The make your own snow cone station at the Cherry Blossom Festival.
The item from my registry that I want the most (I've been told they have already been ordered!!!).
Home grown artichokes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Scenes

Eggs ready for dying.
Pre-brunch putt putt.
They had a cat in the hat made entirely of balloons.
Plate #1
Plate #2
Plate #3
My hairdresser cancelled my Friday appointment so I had to rock 6 month roots. Boo.
I hid the eggs for B. Can you spot all 4 in this pic?
I think we may have a water baby on our hands!
Drive through the redwoods.
The eye could see from SF to Moffett Field but the lens couldn't because of the fog. Stanford is basically centered in this pic although you can't make it out if you haven't seen it from this angle before.

The A's swept Houston, The G-Men won, The Warriors took game 1 from the Clippers (yesterday) and the Sharks are currently up 3-2 against the Queens.


Update: It's currently 5-2 Sharks!

Double update: SHARKS WIN 7-2!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

iphone photo dump

Melissa and I had a 1 pm ceramics class in Emeryville, we decided to try a local restaurant for lunch.
While walking back to the car we noticed this door. Melissa swore it was a portal to another world. The building is for sale, should Chris and I move to West Oakland?
The item on my registry that I am most coveting. 
My weekday breakfast: 1 basted egg on a whole wheat piece of toast.
I can't believe it's been I year since I've seen Chele and her family.
Apple and cookie butter for dessert, nuff said.
Ice cream on a rainy Saturday. Their bourbon vanilla salted caramel may be the best ice cream that I've ever had!
This guy was a Murder She Wrote guest star, I knew that I knew him but couldn't put my finger on from where. All of the sudden it dawned on me, duh, he was the general on Armageddon!
Mini golf outing with major terms (I won).
The best BBQ I have ever had!

DSLR photo dump

Ranuculus to brighten up a rainy afternoon.
Sam watching the rain.
I'm very into straws lately.
Trying to get into this, I've read (and loved) every other Dan Brown book but I just can't seem to get into this one?
Every once in awhile I will call Chris and ask him to bring me home a surprise, this usually means that I would like for him to bring me home a beer. Instead he brought me this orchid.
It's gorgeous.
Now that baseball has started I can't wait for hockey to end. I want the big tv!
A short walk through a redwood grove.
The perfect weekend breakfast. 2 basted eggs, white sweet potatoes with pepper jack cheese, maple syrup sausage and heirloom cherry tomatoes.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Date Night {dinner and a movie}

Ever since I watched the movie Pitch Perfect, I've wanted to do the whole food truck scene. Last Friday night Chris and I hit up Moveable Feasts for dinner with plans to hit the drive in after.
We got there before the crowds which was nice. Mexican Squirt was also nice.
We decided to split 2 entrees for maximum tasting abilities. First up was the Ultimate Fried Chicken (UFC) Club from Eat on Monday I had been wanting to try this for a long time and it didn't disappoint, the bacon that they used was maybe the best bacon that I've ever had!

Next up was a lobster roll from Sam's Chowdermobile. Sadly it was utterly disgusting!! I took one bite and then threw it away! 
Chris' kimchi quesadilla from Koja Kitchen I was too grossed out by the lobster roll to take another bite.
We got 2 cupcakes to take with us to the movie from Fairycakes.
OMG!!! The cupcake up top, a FAT ELVIS, so ridiculous, so amazing, organic banana cake filled with chocolate ganache, surrounded by peanut butter buttercream. WE BOTH AGREED THAT WE MUST HAVE THESE AT OUR WEDDING.
After Moveable Feasts we headed over to the drive in to watch Captain America. What's better than the drive in? Seriously you get to watch a movie in your own space, with your own food, pillows, blankets and a beer or two should you feel so inclined. 

Captain America was much better this time around. I didn't care for the first one but did enjoy this one.